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Competency Frameworks

To stimulate and sustain exceptional performance, every customer-facing team requires clear guidelines, measures and monitoring processes.

Competency frameworks provide clarity and consistency - a vital component in building a team where each individual delivers consistently high levels of performance and service.

Best Practice offers a full range of support to help you define and implement competency frameworks - creating clear standards in behaviour and customer handling.

We are experienced in designing customised contact models and monitoring processes that are specific to organisational needs. Our full range of implementation support services can help ensure that the designed competencies are effectively transferred into the workplace - ensuring that the vision of customer handling and service delivery becomes a reality.

  • Competency development

  • Implementation workshops

  • Monitoring schemes

  • Coaching support for Managers & Team Leaders

Our approach is both consultative and inclusive - involving all or selected members of your team. By maximising involvement at all levels we ensure that ownership and buy-in are maximised.

Key outcomes

  • A clear framework for performance improvement

  • Sustained improvement in service and customer handling

  • Improved Contact Centre performance & customer satisfaction

Competency frameworks may cover many different areas of behaviour including:
  • Customer handling
  • Communication
  • Team orientation
  • Problem solving
  • Complaint handling
  • Decision-making
  • Leadership
  • Managing information
  • Planning & organisation
  • Creativity & initiative
  • Quality focus
  • Self-development
  • Customer focus


For further information or to discuss how we may help you develop competency frameworks, please call or contact Best Practice.



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