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Consultancy Services


A thorough analysis of your current position is the vital first step towards achieving sustained improvement in skills and service performance. 

Best Practice offers a range of services to help provide a clear picture of your team's strengths and weaknesses - providing a platform for vital developments that will help you achieve long term improvements in customer experience and business performance.


Employee Engagement and Skills Audit

Best Practice audits are flexible and designed around your needs. The scale and scope may range from an observation of call quality to a wide-ranging analysis of departmental or organisational service processes. 

A typical audit will measure and make recommendations in one or more of the following areas:

  • Employee engagement

  • Call quality & customer interaction

  • Skills & training needs analysis

  • Leadership styles and skills

  • Stress

  • Team functioning

  • Service quality and customer satisfaction

Our consultants will work with you to agree the scope and objectives for the audit. They will draw from a variety of audit methods and tools to capture the required information. A full audit report and recommendations will be provided, based on a comprehensive analysis of the findings.

Employee Engagement Fact Sheet 

Behavioural / Personality Profiling

Through our BPS (British Psychological Society) qualified consultants, we are able to implement rigorous personality and behavioural profiling based on proven industry-leading diagnostic tools - providing an in-depth insight into individual areas of strength and development needs.

These tools are approved by the BPS and may be completed either online or through paper-based questionnaires. 

A range of reports is available depending on the specific objectives of the audit:

  • Personality profile

  • Strengths and weaknesses

  • Training and development needs

  • Emotional Intelligence (EI)

  • Customer service/sales competencies

  • Management style and competencies

Call Quality Monitoring

The CQI Call Quality Index is a powerful tool for Contact Centres and Helpdesks to monitor and analyse the quality of each agent's telephone interactions.

CQI Call Quality Monitoring

Competency Development

Best Practice offers a full range of support to help you define and implement competency frameworks – creating clear standards in behaviour and customer handling.

Competency Frameworks


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